Capture Thoughts Effortlessly

Never let a flash of genius slip away with Wisp Notes.

hero image of wisp notes app
hero image of wisp notes app

Easy Audio Recording.

Capture thoughts, ideas, and conversations effortlessly. With Wisp Notes, seamless audio recording is just a touch away. Start a recording with one click using the lock-screen widget for instant access to Wisp Notes.

Automatic Summaries

Wisp Notes transcribes your audio recordings, and automatically creates an organized, and clean summary using AI.

Limitless Applications.

From brainstorming sessions to lecture notes, complex problem-solving to interviews, Wisp Notes adapts to any situation that requires capturing and distilling valuable information.

Preserve Brilliance

Create a treasure trove of intellectual breakthroughs with Wisp Notes. Revisit and build upon your moments of genius, shaping a brighter future.

hero image of wisp notes app

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